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The Bermuda Triangle: The Stories

One of the strangest wonders, The Bemuda Triangle is a very widely known pheonomena. It also has many different possibilities.

The Bermuda Triangle's Location
Located in the middle of Miami, Peurto Rico and Bermuda, there is an area of sea that people fear to tread. In the shape of a triangle, the Bermuda Triangle is home to some of the world's strangest dissapearences.

The Dissapearences in The Bermuda Triangle
One of the most famous early 20th Century dissapearances was the Cyclops. She mysteriously vanished in 1918 with 308 aboard. People have called it the Navy's "Greatest Mysteries of the Sea".
Many US Navy ships dissapeared in the Bermuda Triangle between 1780 and 1824. These Included the General Gates, Insurgent, Hornet, Wildcat, Pickering, Expervier and Wasp.
The Rosalie was actually a real ship. Built in 1839, she was 220 tones of wood. In 1840 she was found deserted in the Bahama's (near the BT). She was NOT the Rossini.
There are many, many, many, many more, but I wont go into those.
I will not go in-depth with these, and haven't yet finished my resaeach for aircraft. It'll be up soon though!

The Bermuda Triangle's Possible Explanations
With so many dissapearences that don't leave a clue... or even a distress call, many people wonder why so many planes and ships have just dissapeared. One of the explanations - and one of my favourites is that there may be some type of portal to a parralel dimension, where these innocent people get sucked into. That is to say they may be here, but really not, or they are back in the age of the dinosaurs. Another explanation is that a strange gravitational force pulls most passers by get pulled under with, drowning them. Some also say that 'aliens' await people there to take back to there planets (even though this explanation is highy fictional). A relatively new explanation maybe under control of the government, in a secret project to figure out if time-travel or making objects dissapear is possible. Really nobody will ever know. But the fact that ships and planes just 'go off the radar' seems quite distressing.

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