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What actually is SHC?

SHC is my absolute favourite part of the paranormal. SHC has had many different explanations... however, most of these can be dismissed almost immediately, but some plauge the minds of people with the possibility that they could be right......
Skeptics believe they can rule out SHC as a reality almost immediately. They know that most SHC victims are heavy smokers and drinkers, giving the idea that a ciggarette/match could be dropped, making the victim catch alight. Also, the possibility of combustible material nearby could char the body even more. The proper term for a person catching alight this way is the 'wick-effect'.
However convincing the 'wick-effect' may sound, people have already potentially ruled this out, as the 'wick-effect' take hours to burn, whereas all SHC victims have been up in flames within minutes. As for flammible materials... the answer to this is amazing. Combustible material just inches away is left untouched.
SHC has a very strange aftermath - The victim is almost always the only thing that is scorched, and soot on the floor and ceiling is pretty much the only other thing changed by this.
SHC flames are completely internal. Usually a victim has a rip, usually at the abdomen, where flames are literally roaring out of.
So, to sum up SHC in one paragraph:
Spontaneos Human Combustion is an unsolved mystery. Nobody will know the answer to SHC for many years to come. But when that day arrives, these mysterious fires from heaven will become much more evident.

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