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Here you will find TRUE ghost stories. We need much more, so PLEASE email more!

The Piano
{This is featured in the first E-Letter and Newsletter)
This story is about me, James, co-founder of Paranormal Central. I was asleep one night, when I woke up from one of those nightmares where you wake up suddenly. It was also one that you can't really remember but you know it's good - or bad. I lay in my bed, just thinking. Then, all of a sudden, I heard the piano we own playing Fur Elise. My sister knows how to play it, but didn't at that time. Even though she knows it, she always mucks up a little. This was perfect. A woman named Wendy Wells died in our house, and was excellent at the piano. I slowly walked to the piano room. It stopped as I walked in. There was no-one there. In the morning I asked if anyone had heard it. They said no.
By James

The Knife Sharpener
By James
This is another story by me, and our other co-founder, Lillian. We were outside my shed. We had a feeling there was something strange goind on in there. We slowly went into the shed. Then we heard a sound. A piercing sound. We heard the sound of sharpening knives! We ran out, but they got loud enough to hear outside! We ran inside, but before we did, We saw some strange mist.
The End


My "name" is "S". I am a Security Guard with a well known Company . I am permanently posted at a nursing home in South Australia .The nursing home has been open since the mid 1800's, so it has seen its share of sad passings , and many nursing staff .

Our "base" used to be in a small , separate building ;which also was home to the switchboard operator(s) ,who , after hours were on their own (apart from Security - there was only one guard most of the time).

Several years ago : I was doing an afternoon shift and was just completing an external patrol of the grounds and buildings (there were at this time 6 buildings spread around approximately 5 acres of ground) at around 9:20 p.m.. As I was approaching our base and within , perhaps , 50 feet , I glanced towards the large , glass windows/doors across the front of the building . I saw the switchboard operator walk past these and pass out of sight ,down the corridor leading towards the switchboard office ( he had been doing some filing in the main office area ) . I walked a few more paces and then saw a woman dressed in a long greyish-white "dress" with what seemed to be long white/blonde hair walk in the same direction that "G" had just taken . I did not think too much about it as we did have a female switch operator who could match this description ; although it would have been way too early for her to be on-site , as she would not be starting until midnight , if ,indeed she was on duty that night.

On entering the building , just 30 seconds later , I went to talk to "G" and noticed that he was alone in the switchboard room . I asked if there was anyone else in the building and he replied , with a puzzled look , that there had "been someone in the back office area around earlier but he had left around a half hour" previously. I said "O.K. , nobody else in the building at all ?. "D" isn't in ,is she?." He look at me strangely and said "No----she's not on duty tonight --and she wouldn't be in at this time , even if she was .-----Why--- what's up ?."

I told him what I had seen and he looked me in the eyes and asked if I was serious . When I said I was , he looked over his shoulder with a shudder and got up and locked the door , behind him. He then confirmed that he was definitely alone in the building . I went and checked all the offices and indeed there was nobody else on-site.

When I thought about it ,I realised that I had not seen "her" legs or feet and that "she" seemed to be "gliding" along . I also believe that what I thought was white hair may have , indeed , been the old style "Matron's" head wear : and the dress may have been a matron's uniform .

I'm not sure exactly what I saw , but there was definitely nobody else but myself and the switchboard operator!

BY "S"


Hi my name is Ben and this is my story. I was at camp and my freind came up to me and said when he went to get his towel from our cabin to go for a swim he saw two suitcases next two of the beds and in the next room there where 4 hooks and on those hooks where 4 back packs but none of our bags where there and after some of our activities some things would have been moved and some things was broken so we were realy scared by then. Well after one of our activities we went to see if any thing had happend and when we opened the door our room had been trashed and on a piece of paper it said these exact words: YOR ARE ALL GONNA DIE. At that point we were realy scared so we went and told a teacher and they said someone was just trying to scare us and after that nothing happend.